Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This is the best time of the year; we live in a world that always wants more and it is genius to have a day where everybody gets to reflect on and be thankful for all that they have.

What am I thankful for? First of all, my family. Even though we fight sometimes and get annoyed with each other, they are still all supportive of what I am doing with my life. I am also thankful for my friends; I have quite a few friends, but most importantly, I have a close group of best friends that I have been friends with for many years. We have never had fights over little things, and we still remain close despite our distance. It will be great to see them over this Thanksgiving break. I am thankful for my little nephew that is on his way! I was notified this past weekend that my brother and his wife are having a child that is due in July and I am incredibly excited! So once again, Happy Thanksgiving to all and remember what this day is all about.

Thanksgiving is also a great day for football as we all know, and while we indulge in our turkey, stuffing, and pie, we will also get to enjoy a savory slate of football games.

The first game features the Houston Texans (9-1) taking on the Detroit Lions (4-6) at Ford Field. The Texans are tied for the best record in the NFL, while Detroit has surprised us all in a bad way. The Lions’ passing game leads the league, however quarterback Matthew Stafford has just as many turnovers as he does touchdown passes (12). The other quarterback in this game, Matt Schaub, is coming off of a career day last week. He threw for an astounding 527 yards and five touchdowns.

Prediction: I believe that this will be a close game, but the Texans have the better defense. I like the Texans to win this one 27-23.

The next match-up is a beauty; the Washington Redskins (4-6) are taking on America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys (5-5), in an NFC East showdown. This is a very important game, as both teams are fighting to stay alive in a shaky division. Rookies Alfred Morris and Robert Griffin III have led a productive offense, despite injuries to key players. The Cowboys have been inconsistent once again this year, but always have potential to pull out a when win they need to. If they want to win though, they will have to do it without DeMarco Murray.

Prediction: Griffin III has stepped up on many occasions this year, and I expect him to do it again. Redskins take it 27-20.

The last game of the night showcases AFC East rivals New York (4-6) and New England (7-3). The Jets are 2-5 in their last seven weeks and they need a win to avoid being at the bottom of the division. Mark Sanchez is under fire, but is coming off of a productive week against St. Louis. As usual, the Patriots are running away with the East. They have won six our of their last seven games, and their only loss was a one-point loss against Seattle.  The Patriots have added a run game to their repertoire , and it looks like they may have to rely more on it this week than usual after discovering that tight end Rob Gronkowski broke his arm.

Prediction: The Jets took the Pats to overtime and lost in their last meeting, but I like them to pull off the upset in the Meadowlands 21-17.

The best part about these games is not the match-ups, but the fact that all of these games are on cable television this year and I get to watch all of the games. So enjoy your family, friends, food, and football everybody! Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


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